Show News

August 2019

Conner and Karev both picked up 4 points each at the Atlanta, GA shows!  Amelia went WB on the weekend and picked up 2 more! 

Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation
Co-owned with Diane Cauble
Avondale’s All In

Avondale’s Mesmerizing


June 2019

We had a great weekend in MS ~ Amelia, Reid and Conner all won WD/WB for a couple points in their summer attire!

Avondale’s Mesmerizing

Southland Avondale Island Memories
Co-Owned with Sheela Cheatham
Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation
Co-Owned with Diane Cauble


March 2019

Collie Club of America 2019   

Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation “Conner”  places 4th in the 9-12 month puppy class

Owned by Diane Cauble and Hailey Stoner

Avondale Darlin’ of Southland “Meredith” is WB 3 days picking up 8 points including a major in Franklin, TN

Owned by Sheela “Mike” Cheatham and Hailey Stoner

Avondale’s Mesmerizing “Amelia” is WB/BOW for her first points in Franklin, TN

February 2019

Avondale Hot Topic at SnoValley “Owen” picks up a 5 pt Specialty Major at Overlake Collie Club.  He also went RWD the next day.  

Owned and Loved by Mary and Terry Cox 

Avondale’s Mesmerizing “Amelia” goes RWB to a 5pt specialty major at Piedmont Collie Club

January 2019

Avondale Scandalous “Olivia” finishes her Championship at Clemson Kennel Club picking up her 3rd major exclusively shown in the Bred By Class.

Avondale Darlin’ of Southland “Meredith” is RWB to a specialty major at North Texas Collie Club specialty.  

Owned by Sheela “Mike” Cheatham and Hailey Stoner

November 2018

Avondale Promises Promises “Josephine” is awarded WB/BOS to Breed at the Collie Club of Alabama for her first points.

October 2018

Avondale Scandalous “Olivia” is WB/BOV 2 days in Atlanta for a few more points.