Show News

October 2022

We had our local Specialty Halloween weekend and we had some fun! How hopeful smooth boy “Rip” Avondale’s Wear the Brand walked into the ring for the first time and was WD all 3 shows picking up his first points at just over a yr old!

Our big blue boy made his debut as well and picked up a WD/BOW for a 5pt major his first time in the ring Saturday!  We are so excited about these boys! “Declan” is officially Avondale’s Desire

Rips littermate Mia picked up 2 more points over the weekend as well!

Mia is owned & loved by Caryn Godin Faireway Collies

April 2022

It was an amazing weekend 2 new Champions and Karev said it wasn’t over.  He picked up 3 more 5pt majors  and is now Grand Champion Avondale’s All In.  Karev also won Best in Show Specialty and we couldn’t be more proud about our weekend!


Another New Champion Avondale Promises Promises Josephine also won back to back 5pt majors but also went even further to Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at the Greater Jacksonville Collie Club that day!!  She is Champion number 13 for her sire Reid and champion number 4 for her dam Shea.

New Champion Avondale’s Secret Rendezvous “Oliver” came back out and picked up back to back 5pt majors at the all breed and specialty in one day finishing his championship!  Oliver is champion number 12 for Reid and champion number 3 for his dam Hannah!

February 2022

New Champion Avondale’s Intrigue-Leo picked up his second 4pt major and is now his sire Reids 10th Champion!

Avondale Pass the Champagne – Mia turned 6 months old the last day of the Atlanta cluster.  She came out swinging and won her first point her first time out and we could’t be more excited about this little cutie!

Ivey-Avondale Ode to Spring at Claireloch came out to play again and kept all 4 feet on the ground for another point!

Ch Avondale’s All In-Karev had been enjoying life on the farm for 2yrs but it was time he came back into the ring.  He won BOV all 4 days in Atlanta for a total of 18 Grand Champion points.  

January 2022

SnoValley Avondale My Oh My-Anson made his debut at the Specialties and came home with his first major! He won a 4pt major at the North Texas Collie Club show.  

Ch Avondale’s Reflection -Bailey came out for a Specialty weekend in Oklahoma and finished her Grand Championship with her 5th 5 point major.

Juliet finished her Championship at the North TX Collie Club with a 4pt major!  New Ch Caublestone’s Red Radiance

December 2021

Ch Avondale’s Reflection and Caublestone’s Red Radiance both went to the AKC National Championship in Orlando.  Bailey picked up 2 Selects and 1 BOS to BOV as a move up.  Bailey also picked up BOS to BOV under esteemed judge Tom Coen at the National Championship Sunday giving her 20 points in one week towards her Grand Championship.  

Juliet, Caublestone’s Red Radiance picked up a huge 5 pt major on Sunday under Tom Coen as well.  Juliet is now looking for her 2nd major to finish!

Owen, Avondale Hot Topic at SnoValley finished his Championship in Wa state!  Owen is champion number 7 for his sire and 3 for his dam.  We couldn’t be more proud.

Owned and Loved by Mary & Terry Cox

*Another New Champion here!  Avondale Unleashed IT “Sloan” finished with back to back 5pt majors in Perry GA the first weekend of December.  

Sloan is owned and adored by Caryn Godin

November 2021

*Thrilled to announce New CH Avondale’s Reflection. “Bailey” finished Thanksgiving weekend in Montgomery, AL.

Sloan went to Montgomery with his sister and picked up another WD.

Ivey – Avondale Ode to Spring at Claireloch picked up her first point going WB/BOW in Montgomery! 

Ivey is owned and loved by Marlon Brown

 October 2021

Sloan was WD at our Collie Club of Georgia Specialty bringing him to 5pts.  He will be out looking for his majors soon!

Owen was WD in Wenatchee, WA for his second major leaving him needing 3 singles to finish!

Leo and Bailey had a fantastic 2 days in SC.  Both picked up 2 more points giving Leo 10 and Bailey with 14!


September 2021

Leo enjoyed Florida going WD on Sunday for a 4pt major!  He now has 8pts 1 major in 2 weekends!

Bailey came back out after taking some time off to enjoy motherhood.  She was WB on Sat in FL.  She now needs only 3 singles to finish!

August 2021

After taking over a year off from showing “Josephine”, Avondale Promises Promises came back out and was a bridesmaid the first 2 days and finally went all the way and was awarded WB for another point on Sunday in Atlanta.

May 2021

Avondale Secret Rendezvous “Oliver” came out to play for a couple days in Perry and won his first major going over a special!  He has been home Maturing for the last 2 yrs.

April 2021

*New Champion Southland Avondale Island Memories- Reid finished in Perry, Ga after going BOV numerous days getting his last needed points.  

He is Champion 84 for his prolific sire Bowen Island and #9 for his Dam.

Leo decided he wanted a turn in the ring and won WD Thurs and Saturday giving him 4 pts!

Avondale Unleashed “Sloan” came home with a WD on Sunday adding 2 more pts to his total!

Sloan is lovingly owned by Caryn Godin

Reid picks up 2 more pts at the Lake Lanier Cluster with a WD on Friday

Caublestone’s Red Radiance had a spectacular time at the Lake Lanier cluster going WB/BOW/BOV all 4 days bringing her to 8pts. 

October 2020

*New Champion Caublestone’s Applause.  Reagan finishes with a WB/BOW/BOV on Thursday in Atlanta.  

*New Champion Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation. Conner finishes on Friday in Atlanta going WD/BOW for his last major.  

Bailey comes out for her second weekend and picks up 2 more majors bringing her up to 10 points!!

Sally comes out for her first shows and garners WB 3 of the 4 shows and now has 5pts including her first major on her 1st birthday!

September 2020

After a long break, Avondale Unleashed “Sloan” came out for a quick weekend picking up his first point in Chattanooga, TN.

Sloan is owned and loved by Caryn Godin

March 2020

*New Champion Avondale’s Mesmerizing -Amelia goes WB/BOW for both majors and WB/BOW for her final point to her championship!

*New Champion Avondale’s All In -Karev picks up his 3rd major going WD/BOW in Franklin and then WD on Sunday to finish!

Bailey comes out for her first show and goes home with a major RWB and WB for her first major! 

February 2020

Owen picks up a few more points in CA at the specialties bringing him to 9pts with one major!

Owen is Owned and Loved by Mary and Terry Cox 

Karev goes WD/BOW/BOV and WD/BOW for 2 majors in Atlanta bringing him to 11 points!

Rheagan does it again!  WB/BOW/BOV in Atlanta for her 4th major.  She now needs 1 point to finish.

January 2020

Avondale Mesmerizing “Amelia” picks up a few more points going WB/BOW both days in Clemson and WB/BOS in Starkville the next weekend! 

Southland Avondale Island Memories “Reid” starts off the year with RWD to a 4pt major in Clemson and picks up a WD/BOS in Starkville the next weekend.  

Reid is co-owned with Sheela Cheatham

Caublestone’s Applause “Rheagan” picks up her 3rd major going WB/BOW/BOV in Clemson for 4 more points!

Reaghan is owned and loved by Diane Cauble

November 2019

Avondale Darlin’ of Southland “Meredith” picked up WB/BOW for a few more points.  She now needs a major to finish! 

Co-owned and Loved by Sarah Fox and Sheela Cheatham

Caublestone’s Applause “Rheagan” wins a 3pt major and 4pt Specialty Major at Collie Club of Alabama in Montgomery, AL!

Owned and Loved by Diane Cauble
bred by Diane Cauble and Hailey Stoner

Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation “Conner” picks up 7 more points, including a 5pt major in Knoxville, TN!

Co-owned with Diane Cauble of Caublestone Collies

August 2019

Conner and Karev both picked up 4 points each at the Atlanta, GA shows!  Amelia went WB on the weekend and picked up 2 more! 

Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation
Co-owned with Diane Cauble
Avondale’s All In

Avondale’s Mesmerizing


June 2019

We had a great weekend in MS ~ Amelia, Reid and Conner all won WD/WB for a couple points in their summer attire!

Avondale’s Mesmerizing

Southland Avondale Island Memories
Co-Owned with Sheela Cheatham
Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation
Co-Owned with Diane Cauble


March 2019

Collie Club of America 2019   

Avondale Caublestone Bold Expectation “Conner”  places 4th in the 9-12 month puppy class

Owned by Diane Cauble and Hailey Stoner

Avondale Darlin’ of Southland “Meredith” is WB 3 days picking up 8 points including a major in Franklin, TN

Owned by Sheela “Mike” Cheatham and Hailey Stoner

Avondale’s Mesmerizing “Amelia” is WB/BOW for her first points in Franklin, TN

February 2019

Avondale Hot Topic at SnoValley “Owen” picks up a 5 pt Specialty Major at Overlake Collie Club.  He also went RWD the next day.  

Owned and Loved by Mary and Terry Cox 

Avondale’s Mesmerizing “Amelia” goes RWB to a 5pt specialty major at Piedmont Collie Club

January 2019

Avondale Scandalous “Olivia” finishes her Championship at Clemson Kennel Club picking up her 3rd major exclusively shown in the Bred By Class.

Avondale Darlin’ of Southland “Meredith” is RWB to a specialty major at North Texas Collie Club specialty.  

Owned by Sheela “Mike” Cheatham and Hailey Stoner

November 2018

Avondale Promises Promises “Josephine” is awarded WB/BOS to Breed at the Collie Club of Alabama for her first points.

October 2018

Avondale Scandalous “Olivia” is WB/BOV 2 days in Atlanta for a few more points.